New Additions to Gallery

A few new videos added to the Timeline/Gallery section, first is Keir’s small role in the 2007 short “Find,” second is his performance as Jamie on Disney’s “Life with Derek.” Links after the jump or on the Gallery page above.

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Suffering From “Tara” Withdrawal?

It’s been one week since the series finale of the United States of Tara, so to ease you out of your Keir Gilchrist/Tara/Marshall withdrawal I’ve posted some of my favorite scenes of Marshall from the series below.  Video clips after the click…

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“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” Extras

I recently read the novel version of “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini.  I was surprised at how much the movie differed from the book.  I suppose that it is probably pretty common for this trend, however I do not often read the novel on which a movie is based off of.  A few of the main differences include a rather detailed back story of Craig and Aaron’s relationship and how Craig got into Executive Pre-Professional, differences in the doctors Craig sees, and Bobby’s character is not as developed as it is in the movie (Humble is more of a friend to Craig).  Despite these differences, a lot of the dialogue is taken from the book and the novel was an entertaining read that differed enough from the movie to be enjoyable.  Continue reading for some extras from the movie version of IKOAFS.

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“The Good Parts” Series Finale Review and Recap

“When you get to Boston, don’t let them pull out all the good parts

In a somewhat unsettling series finale of The United States of Tara, Keir Gilchrist’s final line as Marshall will surely resonate as I look back on the series. Marshall, who we witnessed transform from a nervous kid with a crush, to a questioning teen, to a confident and unfortunately jaded semi-adult, will be staying in Overland Park with Kate while his parents are off in Boston. I get the feeling that he thinks there is not much left for him in Kansas after seeing New York and his best friend die, so its no surprise that he wasn’t too opposed to the move to Houston with Charmaine and Neal, but that will have to wait apparently. More after the jump…

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USoT Preview – Episode 12 “The Good Parts”

So here is what we know…this will be the last thirty minutes of the Gregson’s we will see and the writers did not have the opportunity for a ‘proper’ ending to the series. That being said, I am not here to bash on Showtime for cancelling the series because ultimately its refreshing to see a show go out while its still good (lets hope the ending is too). I will undoubtedly miss the show, but more reflections after the finale. In an interview with show creator Diablo Cody, she said despite the cancellation she believes the show has a “nice, natural end,” so no huge cliffhangers. More preview after the jump…

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Keir Gilchrist Playlist

Earlier today I threw together a few songs for a Keir Gilchrist inspired playlist based on characters, movies, etc…for the stories behind the songs click “continue reading” below.

Also be sure to keep checking the timeline page as I am adding to it regularly.

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“Crunchy Ice” Review and Recap

Wow…the writers produced what I believe to be the best episode of the series thusfar.  It was a very dark episode in which Bryce ‘kills’ all the favorite alters while mixing in a lot of humor all while driving the plot.  Ironically, the alters once thought to be ruining Tara’s life seem like welcome guests to the family (and viewers, who wasn’t happy to see T and Buck?).  Also refreshing were some references to prior episodes for longtime fans such as Kate’s “torando” comment and T’s apology for punching Kate.  It all sets up for an exciting season (and series) finale next week.

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