USoT Wardrobe and Props (2)

New items available this week from United States of Tara at the VIP Fan Auctions eBay page.  This week’s Marshall item is the Marc Jacob jacket worn at the film premiere in NYC (image below, Episode 309).

On Thursday I will be posting the twitterview (hold on, copywriting this word) I conducted with Just Peck Director Michael Nickles to kick off Just Peck Month at The Resource. So check back on Thursday and don’t forget to keep checking our Twitter and Tumblr.


Upcoming Interview with Michael Nickles

I will be conducting a short 4 or 5 question interview via Twitter with the Director of Just Peck, Michael Nickles, in a few days.  If anyone has a question they would like asked either email me at, post a comment on this page, or tweet @kgresource. I’ll read the submissions and pick a few.  Again, Just Peck is out on DVD September 13th!

Odds ‘N Ends

Keir fans, here are some updates/content to help you through the apocalypse that is August 2011 (East Coast earthquakes, Hurricane Irene, Torandoes [yes ‘torando’], etc.)

And remember viewers and fans, as my forefathers once said – An Irishman is not drunk so long as he can hold on to one blade of grass and not fall off the earth.  Not sure how much help this will be, but if an earthquake/hurricane/torando (again, yes, ‘Torando’) comes your way, you’ll know my strategy.
Apocalypse 2011 in D.C. (seriously though, everyone stay safe)

USoT Wardrobe and Props

Want to own something worn or used by Keir Gilchrist from the United States of Tara? Visit the link below on eBay and bid on items used by the cast.  I can’t vouch for the authenticity, but the store owner offers a certificate and has a 100% rating, so it sounds good.  I’ll definitely be bidding, but beware of the $16 shipping charge on top of your bid. Items change by week, this week there is a notebook and bag used by Marshall/Keir. Happy bidding, check it out here.

Weekend Round-Up

A few updates that I’ve been sitting on that I didn’t think needed their own post…
  • Keir Gilchrist filmography game now live on Sporcle, try it out here.
  • I’ve been adding to the Tumblr page a little, cool gif of the last scene of Funny Story up as of yesterday.
  • Stumbled on this tribute video for Tara earlier, one of the better ones that I’ve seen…

The Altar Boy Gang

The Altar Boy Gang” was a Canadian television show that only aired two episodes in 2007.  The premise involves altar boys who sell LSD and other drugs through their church. It starred not only Keir Gilchrist, but also Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid). Not surprisingly, the Catholic Church was less than ecstatic about the show and it did not survive after its pilot run.  Recently, as you may have seen on my twitter feed, I have been on a hunt to see if I could dig up any videos or pictures from the show since it aired somewhat recently and the plot seems interesting.  So far I’ve only come up with the one picture below, but I’ll be looking in the coming days for some more “Altar Boy Gang” media to post.  Stay tuned!

Photo from