Just Peck Month Wrap-Up

A few pieces of news to pass along and tie up.  First off, we’d like to wish Keir Gilchrist a Happy 19th Birthday! Enjoy your last year as a teenager and get back on the silver screen soon!

Next, I’d like to wrap up Just Peck Month with a list of the content that was posted on The Resource in September:

Finally, there is a messenger bag used by Keir/Marshall from United States of Tara for sale at the VIP Auctions eBay page, not sure which episode(s) its from but I’ll look into it and update this when I find it. All for now, Happy 19th Keir! Leave a birthday message in the comments if you’d like.


Just Peck Photos

Just Peck Month continues at The Keir Gilchrist Resource as we celebrate its release on DVD (in the US anyway, its been pointed out that its been out for around 2 years already in Australia…so…). Head over to the JustPeck Photobucket page for loads of screencaps and behind the scenes photos.

In other news, another week passes with no new Marshall items in the VIP Auctions eBay store, but the Princess Valhalla costume from Season 2 is currently on sale, I thought that was pretty noteworthy.

(PS – 8 days until Keir’s 19th birthday)

New Keir Gilchrist Website!

Keir fans, very cool news. There is a new Keir Gilchrist site on the web, keirgilchristfans.com. Frankly, it blows this site away and I look forward to checking it out in the coming weeks/months. Take a second and check it out, huge gallery of pics and more.  www.keirgilchristfan.com.

(just one of the gems found there)

EDIT: Found a cool little interview with Keir from “Bullett” on the new site, photo above comes from it. Check it out here, thanks to Keir Gilchrist Fan.

Just Peck Out on DVD!

It’s the big day at The Resource for Just Peck Month! Just Peck is out TODAY on DVD! Support Keir, Michael Nickles, and everyone else who played a part in making the movie by going out and buying a copy or ordering it on Amazon. Mine’s on the way.

And as a bonus to all our awesome viewers, I posted a behind the scenes look at the making of the magnanimous intro to The United States of Tara (yeah the one that played during the first two seasons).  Cheating on JP Month, but its my site, so there. Video after the click below.

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