USoT Wardrobe and Props (4)

Finally a new Marshall item up on eBay’s VIP Auctions site for The United States of Tara. Click here to bid on a “MG” embroidered sweater worn by Keir Gilchrist from Season 1 Episode 8. Picture below from the scene(s) and click the “continue reading” link for video.

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I’m Still Here

Yep, as the title reads, I’m still here. Obviously I’ve ran into a “post block,” not much to report. I’ll keep updating in the coming weeks, probably not as often until Keir signs on to another project. So keep checking out the Gallery in the meantime and check our Twitter and Tumblr for smaller updates. If anyone has a request or idea for me, feel free to tweet me or email me at

Unanswered – US of Tara

Happy October everyone. So I got the idea for this post awhile ago and I’m finally getting around to posting it. Due to the cancellation of The United States of Tara, there were many questions and some loose ends that won’t get…tied up. After the click are the three that resonate with me.

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