Mainstage Teaser

Sweet. Is that the chick from Superbad? Yea? Shit just got real.

…Keir doesn’t seem impressed though…oh well.

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Altar Boy Gang LIVES!

Hey all – big props to the anon user who informed me that The Altar Boy Gang has been uploaded to YouTube.  Check out the full episodes after the jump…who knows how long they’ll stay up so check it out soon!

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Mainstage Facebook Page

Mainstage news keeps rolling in.  Here is the link to their new Facebook page.  Click below for some new pictures of Keir Gilchrist and Devon Bostick.  Besides writing the film, Bostick will be playing one of “the theatres troubled stoners “Don & Cannon”” along with Keir.  Excited to see Keir in this role, its definitely a departure from his previous roles a the awkward/sensitive/nerdy/cultured type (Marshall, Craig, and Peck).

Speaking of Craig (Keir’s character in It’s Kind of a Funny Story) Thomas Mann looks to be shooting for Mainstage as well.  He played Craig’s best friend, Aaron, in IKoaFS.

Anyways, more pics below.

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