Nobody Wants to Makeout with Logan

Below is a goofy short with Keir that was posted on Devon Bostick’s Twitter earlier this week.  Seems like he almost channels his inner Moosh for a second, i don’t know…

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Mainstage Facebook Page

Mainstage news keeps rolling in.  Here is the link to their new Facebook page.  Click below for some new pictures of Keir Gilchrist and Devon Bostick.  Besides writing the film, Bostick will be playing one of “the theatres troubled stoners “Don & Cannon”” along with Keir.  Excited to see Keir in this role, its definitely a departure from his previous roles a the awkward/sensitive/nerdy/cultured type (Marshall, Craig, and Peck).

Speaking of Craig (Keir’s character in It’s Kind of a Funny Story) Thomas Mann looks to be shooting for Mainstage as well.  He played Craig’s best friend, Aaron, in IKoaFS.

Anyways, more pics below.

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More Mainstage

Another quick update – I’ll add a lengthier post this weekend.  More tweets from Welcome to Mainstage and Devon Bostick hinting at Keir Gilchrist’s involvement in the project:

If you’re fans of Keir Gilchrist, Seychelle Gabriel, Portia Doubleday, Max TopplinDevon BostickKim Coates etc.. then you’ll like this film 😉

Interesting that Portia Doubleday was mentioned as she was originally cast as Kate in United States of Tara.  You’ll recognize her from 2009’s Youth in Revolt and the shortlived ABC series Mr. Sunshine.  I’m getting pretty excited about this movie which shoots in April.  More this weekend…

PS congrats to Brie Larson for her Sundance nomination, I’ll look more into this over the weekend as well.

UPDATE: I think this will do for a confirm…